How to buy a perfect gadget without searching for hours with Aspect Wise

If we call 21st century the century of gadgets it won’t be wrong , with tons of gadgets launching every day , Buyers are more confused than ever to buy a gadget which would solve their problems, make their life simpler , and also fit in their budget .
Even though these days tons of Online shopping websites offers great discounts and jaw-dropping deals every now and then, the process of buying the right gadget can be very confusing and often buyers can end up in paying more money for a gadget that doesn’t even fulfill their requirements.
So now you must be wondering that why we are suddenly mentioning about the problems of buying a gadget and that too especially online, well we have a solution for our Readers, Today with the help of this article we would like to introduce our readers to a website named, Aspect Wise.
Now you guys might be wondering that what’s so special about this website and how it is going to solve the problem of buying the correct gadget online. Well, wonder no more and read on.
What is Aspect wise?
So aspect wise is a start-up which has been started by students from IIT , Aspect wise was started with a motive to De-complicate the process of buying gadgets by simplifying comparisons between gadgets by using several methods such as Data Mining , User Ratings etc. The cons and pros of each and every product are mentioned to help the buyer make the correct decision, Even Though the site has tons of options to choose from and compare the gadgets, The User interface of the website is so simple that practically anyone can easily navigate through the website decide on a product.


How does the whole process work?

So basically you are greeted by the homepage of the website when you type in your browser , now as you can see there are different tabs for each category of gadgets such as Mobile phones, headphones , laptops , speakers , televisions, tablets etc.
Now you can also see there are certain parameters of comparison such as –
•    Design
•    Performance
•    Value for money
•    Camera and pics
•    Battery
•    Display
So with the help of these parameters, a buyer can easily decide on buying a gadget which is best for him or her.
Umm , Still not clear on how the process works ? Let us have a demo
So to demonstrate the whole process of using Aspect Wise to decide on buying a gadget , I will provide step by step process on how to navigate through the website and buy a gadget of your choice ,
Step 1 – Head to from your browser

Aspect Wise Homepage

Step 2 – Select the category of gadget you want to buy and choose the parameters which you want.
For ex – I have chosen the category as Best Motorola Mobiles. As you can see No.1 is Moto X Style and No.2 is Moto G Turbo.

aspect-wise-moto x style

Step 3 – Now the website will analyze your perquisites and come up with best choices Available. It will also show you Pro’s, Con’s and User reviews of the product.

We selected Moto X Style for reference, As you can see Aspect Wise also shows about it’s ranking in various aspects. Like 9 In Best Mobiles, 3 in Best Mobiles for Audio and so on.

So now you can choose the option which suits your requirements and head on to the online shopping site of your choice
Note – Respective links for all the products are available from all the popular shopping sites.

So this was the whole process of opening the website to buying a product, Summarizing this article our team would just like to say few words that this is a credible effort by some wise entrepreneurs who have devoted their time to solving a simple yet confusing problem and from now on whenever you think of buying a gadget online just head on to Aspect Wise and decide on a gadget which you want in a very simple and user-friendly manner.

Happy Shopping.

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